New Technologies

Technologies can enable people to remain more active citizens

Technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and affect every sphere of life. Although often considered a barrier to participation by older people, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can play a key part in helping them to lead more independent and healthy lives.

Older people may benefit from age-friendly technologies, allowing them to live independently, monitor their health, create and maintain social networks, stay in contact with friends and family, access goods and services, and engage in work or voluntary activities. However, it is important to to give older people adequate time to become accustomed to new technologies.

E-inclusion in this respect is important, as it aims to prevent people from being 'left behind' in enjoying the benefits of ICT. It means focussing on the participation of all individuals and communities in all aspects of information society, and to help reduce gaps between younger and older people so as to improve people's quality of life and social participation.