Lifepath is a project funded by the European Commission, aimed to investigate the biological consequences of socio-economic inequalities and their impact on healthy ageing.

The Silver Economy

This is a project supporting the development of a European Silver Economy Strategy. 

Joseph Rowntree Foundation - A better life, old age, new thoughts

This website, launched by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation aims to get us to relfect on what 'growing older' means and how important you will be when you are 'old'.

WHO Europe on Healthy Ageing

Information and Activities on Healty Ageing by the WHO Regional Office for Europe can be found on this website.

Activating Senior Potential in Ageing Europe

The ageing of society and the workforce is one of the dominant developments in modern European societies. This development faces society with the challenge how to use the senior potential, both inside and outside the labour market.

This project aims for an ambitious, exhaustive examination of the forces and mechanisms behind employers', civil society organisations' and governments' behaviour and resulting societal arrangements. To that end, it will use large-scale surveys for the analyses of employers' behaviour, and desk research and interviews to map government behaviour.


The objective of MULTILINKS is to investigate how changing social contexts, from macro-societal to micro-interpersonal, affect social integration, well-being and intergenerational solidarity across different European nations. A number of publications have been produced, available via the link below.

Ageing Workforce towards an Active Retirement (AWARE)

Co-funded Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, the AWARE project (2010-2013) is developing a network hosted on a telematic platform for older workers and retired people. Social network services (chatting, blogging, etc) will be complemented by specific services oriented to the needs of older workers and active retired people. It seeks to meet the structural needs of the ageing workforce, including modules on: adapting the workplace to older workers; sharing knowledge and expertise, including through remote short-term contracts for older or retired people; and ICT training for older workers.

Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network (SEVEN)

SEVEN's member organisations include NGOs, local governments, universities and research centres with at least 5 years' experience in the co-ordination and management of senior volunteer programs. Their website offers information on the achievements and future outlook of projects involving senior volunteers, aimed at prospective volunteers as well as organisations and local governments.

Eurofound - Active ageing and solidarity between generations - European Year 2012

Eurofound's pages on the 2012 year, ageing, demographic change, labour markets, and more.