IROHLA -Publication of policy briefs for governments and organisations

IROHLA is a project that focused on improving health literacy for older people in Europe. It took stock of on-going health literacy programmes and projects and identified and validated a set of 20 interventions, which together constitute a comprehensive approach for addressing the health literacy needs of the ageing population in Europe. These interventions are part of an evidence-based guideline for policy and practice for local, regional and national government authorities to start action.

Some policy briefs have been produced and are available here

  • IROHLA policy brief for governments : The policy brief for governments is for national level policy makers, explaining how healthcare would benefit from inclusion of health literacy in health programmes - Here
  • IROHLA policy brief for organisations: The policy brief for organisations is for practitioners and brings together evidence from health literacy research to inspire people to take action - Here
  • Brochure on the activities and experiences of partners involved in IROHLA: “Making healthy ageing a reality: A comprehensive approach to health literacy” brings together key interviews with and articles produced by partners involved in the IROHLA project - Here


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