Lots of resources about different elements of healthy ageing are available on the internet and in print.

Below you can find a selection of key resources about healthy ageing. You can use the menu on the left to filter resources on document type.


World Health Organization

The WHO's page dedicated to the issue of ageing and health.

COURAGE in Europe

A project funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme, aiming to develop and test measures of health measurement in three EU countries.

National Institute of Health and Science on Aging/Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico

Website of the Italian institute on ageing.

RAND - An International Comparison of Obesity in Older Adults Effects and Risk Factors

Written by Tatiana Andreyeva and supported by RAND, this dissertation draws on nationally representative samples of the non-institutionalised population aged 50 and above in ten European countries, to examine two issues related to obesity in older Europeans: (1) effects of excessive body weight on health, utilization of medical care, and labor force participation; (2) risk factors for obesity and environmental and societal variation across European countries.

To download the report, click here.

BZgA & EuroHealthNet - Healthy and Active Ageing

A compendium of programmes, good practices and other resources for promoting and sustaining the well-being of 'younger' older people, with a specific reference to socially deprived and migrant groups in Europe. Published in 2012 by EuroHealthNet and BZgA.

Eurostat - Statistics in Focus: Ageing in the European Union: Where Exactly?

This paper published by Eurostat in 2010 focuses on the regional aspects of ageing (e.g. rural vs. urban, regional contrasts in specific member states, etc.).

Eurostat - EuroBarometer 378: Active Ageing

This EuroBarometer, published January 2012, surveys:

  • the overall perceptions of ageing and older people,
  • views of older people in the workplace,
  • views on retirement and pensions,
  • views on voluntary work and support for older people,
  • views on tackling the challenges of ageing.

To download the document, please click here.

EY2012 Stakeholder Coalition - Everyone Has a Role to Play

This publication is produced by the European Year 2012 Coalition. A french and italian version can also be found on the website of the European Year 2012 Coalition.

BRAID - ICT & Ageing Scenarios

This document aims to provide an holistic roadmap that covers all areas of a person's life. These 'Life Settings' are divided into four perspectives:

  • Independent Living
  • Health and Care in Life
  • Occupation in Life
  • Recreation in Life.

The booklet has been developed within the Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development (BRAID) project, that is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme.

Demography Report - Older, More Numerous and Diverse Europeans

This Demographic Report aims to provide the latest facts and figures that are needed for an informed debate on social policy issues. It is a joint undertaking between the EC Directorate General for 'Employment, social affairs and inclusion' and Eurostat. It consists of two parts, a short annex on migration in the recession and a country annex.

Part I looks at historical and recent trends in fertility, life expectancy and migration - the three drivers of population change. It includes a review of population structure by age and family composition.

Part II explores an increasingly important phenomenon: the increasing number of European citizens who seek opportunities across national borders for study, work, life experience and inspiration, resulting in different forms of international connectedness across national borders.