Lots of resources about different elements of healthy ageing are available on the internet and in print.

Below you can find a selection of key resources, which you can filter, about healthy ageing.


Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations - A Statistical Portrait of the European Union 2012

The European Union's population structure is changing and becoming progressively older - at the beginning of 2010, there were 87 million people aged 65 and over in the EU, more than 17 % of the total population.

In response to demographic challenges being faced within Europe, the European Union designated 2012 as the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. The overall objective of the European Year is to facilitate the creation of an active ageing culture in Europe based on a society for all ages.

As Europeans live longer and healthier lives, governments are looking for ways to involve older persons more in society and to keep them active. Eurostat is marking the European Year by publishing this book which contains statistics on topics such as demography, healthcare, pensions, volunteering and adult learning.

The brochure is available to donwload from here

EY2012 Stakeholder Coalition - Roadmap

The Roadmap provides an overview of the Coalition's joint commitments in ensuring that all relevant stakeholders will be actively involved in the implementation of the EY2012 and the European Union will do its outmost to complement and support Member States' actions aiming at creating an Age-Friendly European Union by 2020 through the promotion of active ageing and solidarity between generations.

Eurofound - Impact of the Recession on Age Management Policies

This resumé gives information about research on 'Restructuring in recession and labour force participation'. It explores the age management practices of companies in light of restructuring undergone during the recession.

Eurofound - Active ageing and solidarity between generations - European Year 2012

Eurofound's pages on the 2012 year, ageing, demographic change, labour markets, and more.

Eurofound - Living Longer, Working Better: Europe's Coming of Age

Produced and published by Eurofound in December 2011, this leaflet explores the links between demographic change and ageing and the labour market and employment.

European Commission 2012

The Official EC webpages. Contains essential information about the year, the initiatives, the partners, and press and media coverage.

Age Platform Europe

A European network of around 165 organisations of and for people aged 50+, aiming to promote the interests of the 150 million senior citizens in the European Union and to raise awareness of the issues that concern them most.


A project funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme, aiming to model the interfaces and links between prevention, rehabilitation, quality of services and informal care for older people in Europe.

Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

A multidisciplinary and cross-national panel database of micro data on health, socio-economic status and social and family networks of more than 45,000 individuals aged 50 or over.

The Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

A multi-disciplinary research institute with demography as the main focus.