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Age Platform - How to Promote Ageing Well in Europe: Instruments and Tools Available to Local and Regional Actors

In most member states, it is the role of regional and local authorities to create services adapted to the needs of their older population, such as offering accessible public transport, housing and infrastructure; facilitating access to employment and volunteering for older people; ensuring quality health and long term care services, fighting against discrimination, and promoting active citizenship and cross-generational initiatives.

However the financial crisis, recession and austerity makes it harder for many regions and local authorities confronted with a rapid population decline to provide the services required by their ageing populations, in particular the health and long-term care needs of older people.

This brochure, produced jointly by AGE Platform and the Committee of the Regions, aims to provide useful information on the instruments developed by the European Union that can be used by local actors to promote active ageing and greater solidarity between generations.

Age Platform - Healthy Ageing: Good practice examples, recommendations, policy actions

Publication produced by AGE Platform, providing lots of good practices in the field of healthy ageing.