Physical Activity and Nutrition for Quality Ageing.


The project PANGeA (2007-2013), is a cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Italy which aims to improve the quality of life of older citizens through gaining knowledge on seniors' nutrition and physical activity. The network of existing health care (hospitals), social (elderly homes) and private (fitness centres) entities, which are mainly operating in the fields of these activities, are the subject of this project. Fitness programmes for the elderly and healthy nutrition measures, are applied, and will contribute to improve general health condition and reduce the risks of acute injuries and chronic diseases. On the other hand, the effects of permanent inactivity are studied and develop programmes for independence after hip surgeries.

General objectives of the project:

  • Defining healthy ageing factors;
  • Setting up content-related and HR bases of the international excellence centre (SLO-ITA) in the field of health of elderly citizens;
  • Raising awareness on the significance of healthy ageing, social inclusion and mobility of less privileged populations (the elderly);
  • Reducing the costs of health care;
  • Connecting the existing health care, social and private entities and improving their mutual coordination.

By interpreting the characteristics of healthy and active elderly people, the project tries to define the criteria of healthy ageing. The knowledge will then be applied in practice working with target groups with the cooperation of public institutions from participating regions that are active in the field of assuring the quality of life for the older population.

The project has been drafted in the sense of setting up healthy ageing criteria, based on connecting interdisciplinary knowledge and the implementation of mass measurements on the elderly, thus enabling the basis for constructing a permanent network of institutions that will offer health care and rehabilitation services in order to stimulate the recovery period. Everything mentioned above can be transferred to the level of national policies, which could enable the increase of the quality of life of the elderly by synergising permanent networks (connections between hospitals and joint functional centres) on the entire programme area. 

Fruits of Society - a project of intergenerational cooperation

The project aims to unite old and young people, using institutions that are familiar with the needs and abilities of both groups. It aims to tackle the stereotypes young and old people tend to have against each other.


The House called Fruits of Society is the first example of setting up an intergenerational centre in Slovenia, which brings together different activities and different groups in the Pomurje region. The project's aim is to ensure additional help for the elderly by young people and, at the same time, help youth acquire new knowledge. Activities mainly revolve around socializing, collective creation, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle and voluntary work. The idea is to create a forum where ideas can be exchanged on how to deepen and extend intergenerational voluntary cooperation to other activities and how to carry out these activities in different contexts.


The project will unite younger and older people, and tackle the stereotypes young and old people tend to have against each other.