The Netherlands

Groningen Active Ageing Strategy

Intervention programme to enhance the health literacy, lifestyle, and resilience of community-dwelling, sedentary, frail older adults in deprived areas.


The  project  consists  of  a  1)  multifaceted exercise  programme where participants are supported to meet the Dutch Norm on Physical Activity;  2) resilience training focussing on coping with fear, boosting self-confidence, setting boundaries, and gaining control of emotions and  behaviour;  3)  social  skills  training  focussed  on improving social skills and making and maintaining social contacts; 4) education on several health and social topics, including physical exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, nutrition, and relaxation. This intervention is designed to last 9 months.

To improve and maintain health behaviour, participants receive self-management training for a duration of 6 months following the intervention. This training teaches participants how to implement lessons learned during the intervention into daily practice. The following 18 months are used to implement and sustain the intervention by aligning with local policy plans and supporting participants to be self-sufficient.


The aim of the intervention is to promote ‘healthy ageing’ in the target population, with a focus on increasing physical activity amongst the elderly, developing resilience to cope with ageing, increasing social skills to make contact with others, and increasing knowledge on aspects of healthy living.

My Home Fits / Mijn huis op maat

My Home Fits is a practical tool for awareness and information for older people on what improvements are possible in their own homes in order to leave independently for as long as they want.


Mijn Huis Op Maat is a webplatform containing all information about getting older and living independent at your own home. The heart of the platform is the Home Test: an online list of questions which enables you to check possible improvements to your home for independent living. This test (free) provides you with your personal chechlist. Local communities can participate in the Home Test: they 'subscribe' to the platform which opens up a more extensive set of solutions to the inhabitants who fill out the Home Test. For each point of improvement they are provided with several solutions that can make things safer and more comfortable in their homes. Apart from the information, the Home Test, the Mijn Huis Op Maat platform hosts a search engine for entrepeneurs that provide solutions for older people and can take care of things that need doing in their home. Mijn Huis Op Maat is a platform which can bring together the local authorities, the elder workers, older peoples associations, housing associations, care organisations and local entrepeneurs to cooperate and offer a simple and straightforward tool to their inhabitants, clients and customers. The tool is used also as an awareness tool to point older people at their possibilities to take the lead in their lives and make sustainable choices on how they want to live when older.


The project aims to Increase the number of older people who live independently.


Social Network for older people

Overview is an internet community in the Netherlands for older people, which has more than 33.000 active members, and it provides the possibility to get in touch with other people through chat and mail.

50plusnet is aimed at people who wish to extend their social network and it facilitates online joint activities of its members. People are linked up through a matching system, in order to share a hobby, go out together or engage in sports activities.

The objectives of 50plusnet are:

  • To get older people out of isolation and/or to prevent older people from getting isolated;
  • To stimulate participation, independence and social involvement of older people;
  • To support Self-management : to motivate older people to take initiative;
  • To stimulate (physical) activities of older people and to promote a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being

50plusnet, provides older people with the opportunity to:

  • establish new contacts
  • discover new worlds
  • exchange information
  • give and receive support, advice and contact with others
  • get inspired
  • receive useful tips
  • establish pleasant relationships
  • develop activities with others
HANNN - Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands

Achieve innovations and fundamental breakthroughs that will entail structural improvements in the conditions for healthy ageing, and so stimulate economic activities in the region.


Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) is a knowledge and development cluster in the field of healthy ageing and aims to stimulate the economic growth of the Northern Netherlands. To achieve this goal it brings together knowledge institutions, companies in the life science, biotech, pharmacy, ICT, nutrition industry sector and local authorities. The work of HANNN is focused around five areas: Care & Cure, Food & Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, Life Sciences and Medical Technology. The Network is involved in many projects in which it can bring added value through its potential in strengthening the collaboration between universities, medical institutions and businesses.


HANNN intends to deliver to following opportunities for its members and partners:

  • expanding and further enhancing networks
  • facilitating business development
  • combining concrete needs
  • boosting the (inter)national profile and market strength
  • building relations with comparable knowledge clusters in Europe.
Gilde Nederland

';Gilde Nederland' is an umbrella organisation Offering consulting services after retirement, on a voluntary basis. It has approximately 65 local guilds throughout the Netherlands.


People over fifty years old who wish to transfer their knowledge and experience to individuals, non-profit organsiations, and entrepreneurs can join a local guild and offer their services as ';consultants'. Although the ';consultants' are not paid, their costs are reimbursed. This enables volunteers to contribute positively to society, while remaining active and socially involved. Many guilds organise city and bike tours, which are guided by ';consultants'. A growing number of cities have language projects, where guild advisors help non native speakers learn Dutch by meeting once a week to speak Dutch in an informal atmosphere ('Samen Spraak' project). In the ';Coach4you' project, guild advisors coach children experiencing difficulties with school transitions.