Multimodal Training Intervention: An Approach to Successful Ageing

6-month multimodal training intervention, coupled with nutrition and health counselling


Multimodal training interventions (6-MTI) are of special interest for older individuals, because of their high rate of disability, functional dependence and use of healthcare resources.

The  aim  of  this  study  was  to  examine  the  effects  of  a  6-month  multimodal  training  intervention  (6-MTI),  and nutrition and health counselling on different variables, such as on functional fitness (FF), body composition (BC) and cardio metabolic risk factors (CMRF). The aim was also to evaluate at 6- and 12-month follow-ups the effects and sustainability of a 6-MTI.  Furthermore,  the  aim  was  to  investigate  the  effects  on  the  different  sexes  and  to  see whether there were differences between older males and females. Another goal was to examine the 6-MTI effect and long-term  effects  on  participants,  who  were  divided  into  three  different  age  groups.  Finally, the aim was to evaluate whether the applied 6-MTI design and methodology could form a sustainable strategy for developing and maintaining the health of older age groups with regard to international recommendations.

The  intervention  consisted  of  a  6-MTI  with  an  emphasis  on  daily  endurance  training  (ET)  and  twice-a-week resistance training (RT). This was supported by three lectures on nutrition and four on health-related topics.


The intervention aims to increase the physical activity and improve the lifestyle of elderly people in a sustainable way.