Don't Fall Don't Break

Promoting better health status and independent living for elderly suffering from chronic diseases


Don't Fall Don't Break project helps elderly people suffering from chronic diseases by offering them a Healthcare Learning and Teaching Package which includes disease related topics, and information on fall prevention, healthy life style, medication, nutrition, and adequate exercises using ICT, resulting in better health status and independent living.

It aims at establishing an interactive education system for patient, elderly people, caregivers and also the medical providers. An innovative virtual store and library with educational material like videos, digital computer files, pod-casts for multiple users throughout existing television network, in hospitals, in nursing homes, through Web based social networks, on line TV, smart-phones, iPods, iPads, and Tablet PC with different Apps at home will be set. Ordering educational material from the store and library will be simple for elderly people, care givers and also the staff members through telephone and the Internet.


It results to better health status and independent life while supporting the long-term sustainability and efficiency of health and social care systems. With the feeding of the network (expansion) the health' and social care system's sustainability is realistic while enhancing the competitiveness of EU industry.