Life Long Living – maintaining independent living as long as possible

The aim of the “Life Long Living” project is to develop a model for interaction between elderly citizens and the municipality proving rehabilitation and prevention rather than offering traditional and expensive compensatory care. Through this project, Fredericia Municipality has turned the interaction between the citizens and the municipality 180 degrees. By 180 degree is meant that the municipality now meets the elderly citizen looking at the person’s resources instead of looking at the person’s limitations.

The intention with the new way of interaction is to assist elderly citizens in mastering their own life - a daily life of greater enthusiasm, empowerment and independence. The project was initiated inOctober 2008 and is fully operational within all aspects of care (not only elderly care, but also care to other citizen groups) the model is continuously developed. The overall result constitutes a total saving of approx. DKK 15 million per year (approx. 2 mio. euro).


The project is divided into the following five sub-projects:

  1. Everyday Rehabilitation and Independent Living Training project
  2. Early detection and prevention of acute illness
  3. Follow-up home visits after hospital discharge
  4. Welfare technology
  5. Prevention and health promotion for the + 60 years old

The greatest benefit of using the new practice-oriented method and rehabilitative approach is:

  • Satisfied citizens, who are clearly physically stronger and independent in their own lives and express pride and improved quality of life by regaining and maintaining their daily functions.
  • Satisfied employees in the Elderly Care Department, who express significantly greater job satisfaction and are more engaged with the new working methods and the new interaction with the elderly citizens.
  • A decrease in sick absencehas also been observed.
  • Significantly reduced need forcare services withinthe Everyday Rehabilitation Project and similar trends in the Independent Living Training project.
A Lonely or Active Elderly Life

Bridging municipalities and the civil society to improve the quality of life amongst elderly people who feel lonely.


Launched in the framework of the European Year for Active Ageing 2012, the project 'A Lonely or Active Elderly Life' aims to strengthen the cooperation between the municipalities and the civil society to improve the quality of life amongst elderly people who feel lonely. The project runs for a period of four years and has five phases:

  1. Research study about what characterises and motivates elderly people who feel lonely. The research is based upon a questionnaire with 8,830 respondents from all 25 municipalities and 24 interviews with elderly people, who feel lonely. (2012)
  2. Developing a webpage which makes it easier for elderly people to find activities in their local area that match their needs and interests (2012 - 2013)
  3. Supporting the voluntary associations and the municipalities in reducing and preventing loneliness among elderly people in Denmark (2013)
  4. Evaluation of the project (2014), which can be found here. 

The project involves 25 municipalities across Denmark and its goals are:

  • To improve the quality of life amongst elderly people who feel lonely.
  • To support and refine the important social work that is being done by voluntary associations around the country by developing and testing new activities and methods.
  • To develop new tools that can be used to match the lonely seniors with voluntary associations that suit their needs.  
  • To strengthen the cooperation between the municipalities and the civil society/ voluntary associations.