Czech Republic

Women 50+

Activities of Association Ženy 50 (Women 50+) are focused on promoting equal opportunities and elimination of gender stereotypes. The target group are women over 50 years and older; however it is open for all. This age group may encounter discrimination because of age and gender in the labour market but also in other areas of life.


The aim of the association is to break down gender stereotypes, change the view of older women in society and media and encourage women to active approach to life. Association helps and support women over 50 that are at risk of social exclusion, and/or living in socially disadvantaged environment and contributes to better employability of target groups.

Some of activities to be mentioned are:

  • Preparation for active ageing: lectures on different topic, sports, physical activity, self development training, counselling, competitions, concerts, simple activities with the main aim: not to be isolated and be more active in spite of stereotypes. They are particularly important for women who are no longer economically active and can be in danger of social isolation.
  • Activities to improve the media image of women 50+ : photography competition to picture older and old women in active and beauty way and exposition of the best photographs.
  • Training in information-communication technologies (PC, internet).
  • Promoting equal opportunities for women and men labour market, equal number of women in managerial positions in government or profit-making sector, cooperation with organizations with similar focus in the CR and abroad.

The practice is running since 2006 up to now.


To reduce discrimination of women aged 50+